Andy Leleisi'uao, Ghosts of a Second Samoan, Mangere Arts Centre, December 5th

Matariki Show extended until December 4th
The Matariki Māori Art Exhibition opened at BCA Gallery on Monday evening in celebration of the artistic and cultural links between New Zealand and the Cook Islands.  
The collection on display at BCA Gallery, Rarotonga generates from the week-long artistic workshop and exchange that took place during Matariki in June this year, between visiting carvers and weavers from the New Zealand Māori Arts and Crafts Institute and local Cook Islands artists.  The June workshop provided an opportunity for a new generation of artists to practise and demonstrate their skills, while also creating new artistic linkages between our two countries.  
This month’s exhibition and the June workshop are hosted by the New Zealand High Commission as part of a year-long series of events to mark the 2015 50th anniversary of Cook Islands self-government in free association with New Zealand.  The set of art work on display at BCA Gallery reflects that relationship, emphasizing our shared history and contemporary connections.  
“New Zealand is proud of the strong heritage that we share with the Cook Islands, especially the Māori dimension.  This event celebrates those historic connections that continue today through our kinship and cultural ties” says New Zealand High Commissioner Nick Hurley.  “We encourage everyone to come and enjoy the exhibition.  It is a genuine bicultural experience, showcasing the best of young, up and coming New Zealand and Cook Islands Māori artists”.
Air New Zealand was a key sponsor of the June workshop, reflecting their close partnership with the Cook Islands.  Sponsorship was also provided by Baker Tree Services, Raroxpo Limited, Edgewater, Prime Foods, Island Car and Bike Hire and Bluesky.  The workshop was produced and managed by Motone Productions.  
The exhibition is open to the public from 16 November to 28 November and all are invited to visit  BCA Gallery to view the works on display.  
For more information on the Matariki Māori Art Exhibition please contact Gloria Rarere at the New Zealand High Commission (, 22201 ext 25).
BCA September - October stock show

50 stock works exhibited over  two gallery spaces are on show September and October at BCA 
featuring artists Sylvia Marsters, Varu Samuel, Rick Welland, Mahiriki Tangaroa, Andy Leleisiúao,
Fatu Feuú, Richard Boyd Dunlop, Mark Cross, Tabatha Forbes, Tim Buchanan, Ian George,
Loretta Reynolds & Yun Zu Bae Carlaw.  

Pictured: Andy Leleisiúao, People of Octonesia, Triptych, 405x305mm each panel, Acrylic on Canvas, 2014.

4th BCA Catalogue Auction

The 4th BCA Catalogue scheduled for Monday Auction 31 @ 6pm features artists
Mahiriki Tangaroa, Varu Samuel, Sylvia Marsters, Yun Zu Carlaw, Loretta Reynolds,
Reuben Paterson, Tim Buchanan, Fatu Feuú & Wolfgang Losacker.
Auctioneer: John Kenning. Special Guest: Anthony Wright.

Click here to view the catalogue for the BCA Auction on the 31 August 2015.

BCA July Group show new dates

BCA group show new dates 15 July - August 8th

Loretta Reynolds, Kay George, Ian George, Mahiriki Tangaroa, Andy Leleisiúao, Sylvia Marsters.

Above: Ian George, Taking Flight, Acrylic on unstretched canvas, 2014.

Andy Leleisiu'ao new works

Andy Leleisiúao
The Checkmate of Wild Rainbows
Vero Centre, 48 Shortland Street
Building hours Monday - Friday 7.00am - 6.00pm
The latest works from Andy Leleisiúao went on display Monday 20th April @ The Vero 
Building, Shortland St, Auckland CBD and can be viewed for the next 5 weeks.

The artists ufological universe has expanded to take in a strong conservation angle, the
erroding habitat of the african diaspora at the forefront as the viewer is
greeted by a large Lion, Rhinoceros, Giraffe and Elephant. Labouriously exemplified by
thousands of hand painted multicoloured squares, the wild animals take on a serene quality,
unaware of the oblivion they face at the hands of those who walk past them on an executive 

Chicken Magic

Sam  Thomas
Chicken Magic
May 11 - 29

Opening Monday May 11th, BCA Gallery


The first image from the upcoming show by Sam  Thomas. The artist will continue his Rarotongan themed works, 
in his second solo presentation with BCA Gallery.
Pictured above:
Chicken Magic #2
Oil on Aluminium, 2015

Atiu Fibre Arts Studio Opening @ BCA Gallery

L-R: Sonya Kamana, David Gragg, Joan Gragg, Trish Thompson  & BCA Director Ben Bergman.


L-R: Rob Young, Linda Wichman & Dawn Baudinet.

L-R: Mark Boyd, Mousie Skews & Peter French.


L-R: BCA Director Ben Bergman & Dawn Baudinet.

The Grand Finale of the Atiu Firbe Arts Studio was attended by a great crowd this past
Monday night (March 30) at BCA Gallery with most pieces sold. Speeches by past Tivaivai Assoc.
President Dawn Baudinet and Atiu Fibre Arts founding partner Joan Gragg paid tribute
to the history of the Atiu Fibre Arts Studio and the Tivaivai artform.

Photographs courtesy Brian Baudinet.



Atiu Fibre Arts Studio Grand Finale @ BCA Gallery

Grand Finale, The Atiu Fibre Arts Studio
Andrea Eimke
BCA Gallery
March 30 - April 10
Opening Monday March 30, 6pm
Since its foundation in 1986, Atiu Fibre Arts Studio has dedicated its time and effort to the promotion and manufacture of Cook Islands traditional and contemporary textile art. Tivaivai has been the company's main focal point throughout these years. Founding member and director Andrea Eimke, who designed all of the Studio's artworks, curated many national and international exhibitions most of which included other Cook Islands textile artists' works alongside the company's Tivaivai. The National Museum, the Rarotongan Hotel, The Edgewater Resort, and many private collectors own Atiu Fibre Arts Studio Tivaivai. They can also be found in the collections of Australia's Victoria Gallery, New Zealand's Te Papa Museum, and numerous private homes throughout the world. In a book, published in 2009 by the British Museum, London and in 2010 by Te Papa Museum, which Andrea co-authored with German anthropologist Susanne Kuechler, she told the story of Tivaivai as she lived it in the company of Tivaivai makers on Atiu since 1983. 
Andrea would have loved to celebrate the Atiu Fibre Art Studio's thirthieth anniversary, even though all active shareholders in the company have long passed on; however family matters don't allow her that choice. After 28 years, this exhibition at Beachcomber Contemporary Art (BCA) is the Grand Finale of Atiu Fibre Arts Studio and Andrea's active contribution to Cook Islands textile art. All bed and wall Tivaivai and some smaller items are available for sale.

Special thanks to Air Rarotonga for facilitating delivery of the Tivaivai from Atiu to Rarotonga.
New Sam Thomas show set for May

BCA Gallery is pleased to announce a new show by Sam Thomas opening May 11th.
Thomas will showcase new aluminium paintings as well as works on canvas and a new
Vaka sculpture. Thomas last exhibited with BCA in 2013 as artist in residence.

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